Thursday, August 30, 2001

Nothing much to say today... I couldn't put in my contacts, so I had to go to the clinic and ask the guy to put them in me. I already warned him that I'm going there again tmw! I bet he's gonna see me a lot these next days. My dad's not here today so I have no idea how I'm gonna take these babies off but oh well. I'm gonna start wearing new ones on Tuesday probably, cuz Wednesday I'm going out of town (camp for one week!! Weeeeee!!!!!!!), and I'll only have to take them off every 15 days. Then I'm gonna have new ones, which I can wear for a month!! The guy said I should take them off every 15 days though, to oxygenate the eye :P Anyway, today I was with my bf =))) He loved the contacts (I mean, not exactly the contacts, he liked me with them!). He was home alone so we like cuddled all afternoon in his house. It was sweeeet!!! We even danced to Lara Fabian's "Love by grace" (sappy, I know, but who cares)! lol Tmw my friend Ana is gonna come over, to have lunch and spend the afternoon with me. My friend Sara (she already was my best friend, and she was there when I first kissed my bf, awww) said she's gonna cook for us! That's fine with me, lol. Ok, I gotta go see who's at the bar. L8r ******

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I finally wear contacts! I look grrrreat with them, but it's really hard to put them in and to take them off (seriously, it took like 20 minutes to take them off, and it was my dad who did it bc I couldn't)! That's bc I'm not used to it, but hopefully I'll get used to it soon. I have to take the contacts off while I have shower and sleep, which is really bad, but on Tuesday I'll get new ones and I'll only have to take them off every 2 weeks (that's better). My friends said I look really hot with them, lol! My bf hasn't seen them yet but I'll show it to him tmw =))) I talked with my best friend on the phone today, she said she's coming back on Saturday! She also told me she tried heavy drugs (heroine and cocaine), which really disappointed me. I mean, she's really insecure so she's always saying she's the best (trying to improve her self-esteem I think, but it gets really annoying) and she probably thought she would get more interesting doing that. I bet she's proud of herself and she's gonna tell everyone what she did when she gets back. Like, she's my bestest friend in the whole world and I love her, but she really gets on my nerves when she does this kind of stuff! Really, if she tries that shit one more time, I'll stop talking to her and I don't give a shit!! Sorry, I'm just really mad at her. Anyway - today I spent the day with my best guy friend and some other friends - finally, almost all my friends are back in town! It was fun! I also talked with my best friend from school, Ana, and she said she's probably gonna come and visit me on Friday =) I told her to come on Saturday night so I could show her the place I love the most (yea, that's right, I'm talking about Torreira - I go there every Saturday AND I'm gonna camp there next week - can't wait!!!!), but she probably won't bc of her bf. Oh well, I've talked a lot today - I think I'm gonna sleep... tmw I gotta wake up early to do this really important thing: wash my hair! lol Oh yea one more thing: yesterday I found out about Aaliyah's death... poor her!!!! Dang, she was only 22! I didn't really like her songs but I liked her :( Life's shit. Bye 4 now! *******

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Today was a really boring day but right now I'm happy!! And I wanna share it with sum1! I'm home alone so I just thought I'd post it here. Well, my best guy friend just called me and he said he's coming back to town! Yay! I miss him and I'm happy cuz tmw I'm gonna be with him. I haven't seen him in kind of a long time (like, 2 weeks) so... yeah! Anyway... tmw is an important day: hopefully I'm gonna start wearing contacts. Ok I'm starving... I'm gonna get something to eat. Bye bye for now! <3 ya babe (yeah you know who you are!)

Monday, August 27, 2001

Yeah! I have a blog!! lol ok some basic stuff: my name's Tania, I'm 15, I'm from Portugal, and I thought it would be fun to post here... I'm a normal girl ~well... kinda lol~ so this is gonna be boring, but I don't care!! Right now I'm in holidays ~school starts in 20 days sniff~ and I'm sooo bored bc all my friends are out of town! These holidays were definitely the best ones of my life! I spent them all with my best friend Tina and with the rest of my friends, and I had SOOO much fun!! But now I'm the only one in town, that sucks. Neway, next week I'm going to camp in Torreira (this awesome awesome place), bc there's gonna be this MAJOR party there! I'm so excited about it, it's gonna be grrreat!!!! Well... some stuff I love: Deftones, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Incubus, Linkin' Park, my house, Torreira, my friends, my bf, chocolate, spaghetti, Snuggle's, write, read, sleep, camp, hang out, sing, dance, Paulo Coelho, Harry Potter, chat, internet, e-mails, photos, my cousin Adriana... geez, I love so many stuff! Well it's really really late (here in Portugal it's almost 4am), I'm really really sleepy... they're playing Papa Roach on TV, yay! As I was saying! I'm gonna sleep now... I'll post later!