Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Long time since my last update! I haven't been getting online bc I don't have much time in my hands. Anyway, a quick update - Thursday night was great. I spent it with my two best friends, Ivan and Rui, and we talked about lots of really cool stuff. I loved it, thanx guys =) Friday Ana came here. She used to be my best friend in school, but we haven't talked much since holidays started. It was really cool to see her again. At night it was sooo fun - I was with some of my friends and we like laughed the whole night! It was great. Saturday my best friend Tina got back, and I spent the afternoon laughing with her. At night I went to Torreira with her, some other friends and my bf. We spent the night at my best guy friend Ivan's apartment, it was pretty cool, but we didn't sleep the whole night and I was really tired on Sunday. So when I got home, at like 5pm, I went to sleep. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Sara. My friend Ana (not the one who came here on Friday) had to go to the dentist and me and Sara went to a new shop near the dentist. I bought this new cover to my cell phone, with Bob Marley colours, a cannabis leaf and a joint - lol, it's like SO me. The night was cool, I was with Tina, Ivan and another friend called Victor. We laughed a lot - we always have a great time when we're together. Today I was with my bf =)) Tonight I saw "Kids" with Ana - I think it was pretty stupid, but oh well. So, this is what is going on lately. Tina and Ivan went to Torreira today (Tina's gonna spend the night with her mother there, Ivan went to his apartment), and I'm gonna go tomorrow. Can't wait!!!! These days are gonna rock, with the party there and everything. Like, EVERYONE I know is going too! Including my bf, hehe. Well, I guess that's it. I won't update til next Monday, when I'm prob'ly gonna get back (I'm still not sure though). Oh yeah, just 2 more things: 1 - I can put my contacts in and take them off in like 5 seconds now (it's SO easy!!) 2 - I'm listening to "It's been a while", by Staind. They're really good, I love their songs. Really, listen to them! Gotta go now - c ya on Monday!