Thursday, September 13, 2001

Yesterday night was cool - we spent the night drinking whiskey with Coke!! It tasted really bad but oh my god, it was cool!!! Today was definitely a BAD day. My best friend in the world, Tina, moved and now she's living with her sister near Lisbon, which is like 4 hours away from here. She was like my soulmate, we were always saying the same thing at the same time, I knew I could completely trust her, and we used to have SO much fun together! I'm really really sad :((( Well, I'll see her again next month I hope, cuz it's my birthday and we're prob'ly going to this really cool techno party in Aveiro (like 20 minutes away from here by car). Anyway - today was my first day without her, and I really missed her. I was with my friend Ana, but it's definitely not the same thing - plus, she has a bf and I'm not comfortable around them. Oh, my friend Diana, who was from my class til 9º grade (I'm in 11º now) and I saw only like once or twice this year, came downtown and I was with her too. It was cool =) I talked with Ivan too, he was really sweet to me cuz he knows how sad I am - and he's really sad too cuz he likes Tina, as I already said. Tonight I went out with Ana, then I was with my gang (now there's only boys in it, cuz me and Tina were the only girls!). We played this really fun card game, lol, and drank some really alcoholic thing I can't really define which tasted really bad too! Anyway - tomorrow I'm going with Ana, my other friend Ana (the one who was my best friend in school), my friend Cláudia and her cousin Soraia to Aveiro. I'm not exactly sure what are we going to do there, but my bf isn't in town right now and even though I'd like to be with my gang, I bet it was gonna be another boring afternoon so I'm gonna change a little. But I feel kinda bad bc tmw is my last weekday without school and I'd like to be with them... but f*ck that! I'm making a big deal of a thing that it totally nonsense. Well it's really late and tmw I have to wake up really early to go to Aveiro so bubbye 4 now ******* to y'all ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Hey! Yesterday I had a boring day. Nothing happened AT ALL! Today, it happened again - I mean, it didn't happen again! Boredom =( Anyway, the news now are all about that attack in New York!! Of course you know this - everybody's talking about it - but anyway: two planes hijacked by terrorists flew into the World Trade Center, one crashed into the Pentagon and one in Pittsburgh. I guess I don't need to talk more - everybody knows what happened! Bush said the americans are gonna reply to this attack, and I heard they already have lots of missiles pointed to Irak. You know how americans are - if you mess with them, you betta get out of their way! Geez, like, this may start World War 3!! I didn't ever imagine this could happen, it's surreal. Everything is so messed up - New York is empty and looks like some sci-fi or horror movie or something, americans don't feel safe anymore, we can feel a war coming up, the world economy can get really messed up and we'll have an economic crisis... Damn!! You know how war is - everyone dying and starving and everything, it's awful!! Really, I always kinda thought this could happen only in movies. I'm kinda scared, even though I don't think Portugal will be very affected bc almost anyone knows where we are, lol, and we didn't enter in WW2. Anyway - I haven't been feeling very well these days, I don't know why. I think I'm starting to get depressed... that didn't happen to me since May, but I guess it's happening again... :(*

Monday, September 10, 2001

And I'm back!! I had a real blast in Torreira, it was AWESOME!!!!! I was in a tent with my best friend Tina and my friend Ana, we had so much fun! And all the nights there were awesome - especially last night (we laughed SO much!) and the Sampaio nights (Friday - went to sleep at 7am - and Saturday - 8 am) - there was sooooo many ppl there!! The fireworks those nights were amazing. But anyway - I had the greatest time there in Torreira with all my friends, my bf and everyone I know. But now I'm really sad bc school starts in 8 days, my best friend is gonna move away from town, none of my friends are in my school so I'm only gonna see them on weekends =( At least I have my bf in my school =) Oh well I don't wanna talk about school anymore bc it makes me feel really bad. I'm listening to "Outside" by Staind - it's one of my fave songs right now but it makes me blue... It really reminds me of my best guy friend Ivan (he really likes my best friend Tina but she doesn't like him, they were really good friends but now he's saying he can't be her friend anymore and stuff, things are kinda messed up). I love the lines "all the times that i felt insecure... / all this time that i felt like this won't end, was for you, and i taste what i could never have... / all the times that i've cried, all this wasting, it's all inside, and i feel all this pain, stuffed it down, it's back again" It really reminds me of Ivan, but I also can relate them to me. It's such a beautiful song!!!! Well... it's 2:30am... I think I'm gonna sleep... 24 hours ago I was having SO much fun you wouldn't believe it! Bye bye ****