Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Hey! I've been living these days in an ok way - I miss Tina a huge lot but I have my other friends and especially my bf who is being really sweet to me. He's just fantastic, really! Anyway - today was my first school day! It wasn't as bad as I was thinking. I was always with my last year friends, but everything's just like last year. I mean - this is kinda complicated - there's this girl, Catarina, we don't particularly like, but she's often with us. So this morning we had a cool group - me, my friends Ana, Claudia, Teresa, Picas, and Catarina. Til lunch time everything was cool, but then all of a sudden Catarina seemed pissed with us. This used to happen like everyday last year! She wants me to be always with her, but I rather be with Ana, Claudia and Teresa so she always gets pissed. It's kinda weird, I know, but oh well. Classes were really boring, and it was just the first day! Some teachers I already had last year, some I didn't. They all seem ok - at least, they're all good to make fun of! I was with my bf in school too, weeee!! In one break he was talking with his ex, who's actually called Tania and is from my class! Ggrrrr. Well, uh, I guess I don't have much to say. I'm tired, I wasn't used to waking up so early. Oh yea, just 1 more thing - I miss my friends sooooo much! Today I saw Rui and Rocha, it was really cool!!!!! My friend Claudia and Rui kinda dated last year, but they haven't seen each other for 3 months! Now Claudia has another bf, but Rui doesn't know so today when he saw her he kissed her and told Ruben (another friend) that she was her gf. She doesn't know what to do now, cuz she still kinda likes Rui. Well, I don't know her bf so I'm gonna be partial - I think she should stay with Rui!! Rui is soo cool, he's my second best guy friend. They make a lovely couple =) But well, I'll let her decide. Gotta go now - stay cool!