Wednesday, October 24, 2001

One more time, loooong time since my last post! Ok, I had to stop writing bc all my family came here cuz it was my dad's bday =P Anyway - lots of stuff have happened to me, but who cares? I've been very busy these days cuz I'm having lots os tests in school. Like, tmw I have a Geography test and I still haven't studied the 100 pages I should. I should've studied this afternoon but I spent it with Ana F watching TV and eating peanuts, lol. Well - let's talk bout something else, shall we? Last Saturday I went to a birthday party, but don't even get me started with it!! It was crap and bc of that me and Ana don't talk to the birthday girl anymore. But there was a cool part - Saturday night! We went to the club, but only couples could get in. Ana, Claudia (my ex-friend, the bday girl) and Soraia (her cousin) had couples (their bf) but me and Ana F didn't. There were these guys I know by view (I talked once or twice with some) at the door, so Ana F went in with one of them (he's her friend) and I went in with this HOOTTTT guy! He kissed my hand, lol, and gave me his arm, and then he payed me a drink, woo-hoo!! He was always calling me to dance with him, but I can't really dance with someone so I didn't. Ana F told him I was shy (what the hell! lol) and he said he was too, lol. Yeah right! When he was with my friend Monica he definitely wasn't shy! Anyway - it was cool at the club, we danced a lot, just in the end I was alone and it was crap. I haven't seen the hot guy since then - oh, I saw him once in school but he was really far. Oh yea, I forgot to tell - I broke up with my bf the day after my last post. I don't know, it wasn't the same thing anymore... Now I'm freeeee!! Weee! I really wanna talk with that guy again - Saturday I was kinda stupid bc I was *kinda* (take it as "a lot") drunk so I wasn't feeling like moving too much (don't take in a bad sense pleaseee!). I really would like to have something more with him, ya know? Not date though. My friends keep saying he was quite interested in me but I'm not sure... argh I hate this stuff - but it's cool in an odd way lol. I just wish I could see him more, even if I didn't talk to him. He's SO hot! When I told my friend (who wasn't there) what happened she was like "go for him! he's so hot and cute and he looks really nice!" Yea, he's all that =) I don't like him though, don't get me wrong. I'd just like to have, an "affair" with him, lol! Well I gtg - I promise I'll try to update this more often, but it's gonna be hard - next week I'm gonna be quite busy bc I DON'T HAVE CLASSES!!! Weeeeee!!!!!! So I'll almost never be at home, lol. Well, laterz ********