Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Heyas! Today's a special day - it's HALLOWEEN mah ppl!! Party all night!! Weeeee!!! These days have been cool - Tina came back on Friday, that's really great. I haven't seen Ruben (the hot guy I talked about a lot in my last post lol) a lot... I saw him once in school and he smiled at me, woo-hoo, but that was all. Saturday night I saw him, but I didn't talk to him... once again, I was quite drunk (well, I had to celebrate Tina's comeback!), and I walked by him and I didn't even look at him cuz I just didn't know what to do! Damn I have to stop being so shy. Anyway - that night was cool - I saw "Bridget Jones Diary" with Tina and Joana, then Joana left and me and Tina just hung around with our friends... We almost fell asleep in front of a bar here, lol, cuz we were so drunk. When I was coming home (I was sooo dizzy, I was almost falling the whole time) I found Danny and other 2 guys and I smoked with them, in front of my house! I was kinda scared that my parents would see me - and a neighbour walked by me, lol, he gave me a really dirty look. But it's all good :) Well, Monday I saw "American Pie 2" with Tina, then we went to drink "rosinhas" (it's a really cheap and really alcoholic drink - great combination!) - omg I got SO drunk! I felt really drunk and dizzy for about 6 hours - my longest drunkenness ever, and my 2nd worst (the worst was in Algarve, when I totally blanked out and threw up in the street - don't even ask). But it was cool, cuz me and Tina had this really cool talk and I told her EVERYTHING I wanted to say but didn't have enough courage (about Ruben and stuff), and so did she. I needed to buy some jeans but I didn't feel like trying them so I just bought a pair, having no idea how they fit and stuff, lol. I had dinner with Tina, we ate a pizza at a restaurant. Yesterday was cool too - my friend Ivan bought 2 bottles of cheap wine and we spent the afternoon drinking. This time I wasn't so drunk, like, it was like I couldn't feel anything, I was just... fine! Ya know? Well, I know it really looks like I'm an alcoholic, lol, but I'm not, really! I almost never drink - just at some weekends. But I don't have classes this week so it's like everyday is weekend! lol Anywayz - I'm looking forward to this night, but I'm afraid... Like, I'm hoping Ruben comes here, I want it really bad, cuz it's my only chance to make out with him, but there's a party in his town so I bet he won't come here... And I really want it SO BAD! If he doesn't come here (which I'm like 99% sure), my night's gonna be crap - I won't stop thinkin about him and I'm not gonna have any fun =( I really hope he decides to come here, but I bet everything ya want in that he won't come =( Well, my friend Ana is gonna sleep over, and almost all my friends are going to the club so I hope it'll be cool... Tmw there's a Super-Bock party at the bar (hardy har har) but I have to go to the cemetery - duh! I hate it! But I'm gonna try to run away from my family and go drink something... lol Oh yea, and tonite Ivan and Metinha are gonna bring wine! Aweee! Fun! Maybe if I get just a bit drunk, and Ruben comes here, it'll be easier for me, bc when I'm drunk I'm not so shy. Well... gtg now... I'm gonna try to sleep a bit bc I'm really tired, and tonight I'm gonna go through a lot... I'm gonna drink a lot, walk around all the bars, go to the cemetery at midnight (lol hey it's Halloween!), walk to the club (30 minutes!), dance a lot, walk back home really late... I have to sleep or I won't make it! lol bubbye - I'll post later to tell y'all bout my halloween! wish me luck! ******** =)