Friday, November 09, 2001

Whassup?? My Halloween was BORING - really, nothing special happened. I got drunk (wee) and fell asleep on the floor of the place we always go for smoking, lol. After I woke up at like 1am, I went to the club, but it was boring... Ruben wasn't there, but, ya know, I just don't care now bc me and my bf hooked up again! That thing about Ruben, I think it was just like physical attraction, and with my bf it's something a lot deeper. Things weren't the same before we broke up, but then after that we talked a lot and I couldn't stop thinking about him, and we're back for good now. And damn, it's goood!! It's better than ANYTHING in the world! ;) Right now I'm listening to Incubus' "I miss you", cuz when we started to date he played this song for me in the guitar. "You do something to me that I can't explain..." That's right! I've never loved anyone as I love him... I've liked him since I met him, in December last year, but we only started to date on July. That was like a dream come true to me! Anyway, I gotta stop talking bout him. Oh, just one more thing! Today we went to see this dance that's like they're fighting while they're dancing (can't really explain) in the gym, and then we were going up the stairs, just the two of us, holding hands and stuff, who do I see?? Ruben!! I was like "what the hell". He kept looking at us, but I didn't care at all. Ok, he's super HOT, but so is my bf (hehe)! Well... more stuff: after Halloween I had a cool week, especially on Thursday it was a lotta fun - there was a Super Bock party at the bar (after I promised I wouldn't drink anymore, guess what... I did!), and then I had dinner with Tina, Joana and Sara, it was soooo funny! It was awesome! Saturday was really cool too, I was with my two best friends, Tina and Ivan, and two other friends all afternoon at Tina's house. It was fun! Tina left on Sunday, sniff sniff - I miss her SOO much! She called me today though, it was great. I had lots of tests this week, but they were ok. Tmw I'm gonna have lunch in Coimbra with some online friends - I'm kinda nervous about that but I can't wait to meet them! And at night my friend Ana Catarina is gonna sleep over and we're going to the club, I think there's a party there - I hope it's gonna be great! Oh yeah, today at the dance thingy, I saw a friend from Torreira (where I spent my holidays)! I haven't seen him for like 2 months, it was cool! I saw his gf too... like, after 2 months without seeing her, I walk to her and I'm like, "hello... do you have a cigarette?" lol Well I gtg sleep now, tmw I gotta wake up early for the lunch in Coimbra (is kinda far from here)... Now I'm listening to Staind's "Outside", it SO reminds me of my holidays... this makes me really depressed but whatever. Well, bye ******* love ya a HUGE lot!!